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Barnebys is the world's largest search engine for art, antiques, and collectibles with over 25,000,000 million visitors annually and is represents on eight international markets.

Barnebys compiles data from thousands of site and puts millions of items at a buyer's fingertips in a simple, single search. Barnebys opens up the art, design and collectible market to everyone in the world.

By providing essential traffic and branding to clients, both buyers and sellers are able to easily search what inventory is available in real time. Barnebys also acquired Value My Stuff, the world's largest appraisal service, where customers can get an expert appraisal that documents a items value for insurance and resale value. This way, Barnebys can also connect consignors to dealers to activate more inventory into the market.

Barnebys also owns Simple Auction Site which powers the top auction houses and dealers front and back end technology. Barnebys also hosts the world's largest price realized databank with over 90,000,000 objects available to search through.

Barnebys continues to grow with the acquisition of which is one of the largest sites in the world focusing on antiques and collectibles.

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