Forward: Eliza Naranjo Morse

Perhaps we yearn to make our lives good and find balance because even when we feel completely challenged there is the unrelenting proof in each of us that we are survivors, that we are the result of our ancestors histories and that eventually we will become ancestors.  This collection of work interprets facets of this thought.

Eliza Naranjo Morse is Santa Clara Pueblo, and lives in Espanola, New Mexico. Born in 1980, she comes from two large families and has a twin brother. Her process has been greatly defined by her elders’ information, drawing, color, cartoons, clay, emotions, navigating the human experience, and searching for balance.  She has shown her work locally as well as internationally and currently keeps her studio at an old Post Office in Chimayo, New Mexico.

Eliza is a 2007 Rollin and Mary Ella King Fellow at the School for Advanced Research (SAR). She studied figure drawing at Parsons School of Design, figure drawing and painting at the Institute for American Indian Arts, and ultimately graduated from Skidmore College with a BS in Art. Eliza has shown her work nationally and internationally at Cumbre de el Tajin (Veracruz, Mexico), Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts (Ekaterinburg, Russia), Chelsea Art Museum (New York, New York), SITE Santa Fe (Santa Fe, New Mexico), Axle Contemporary (Santa Fe, New Mexico), Heard Museum (Phoenix, Arizona), Berlin Gallery (Phoenix, Arizona), School for Advanced Research (Santa Fe, New Mexico).