Berlin artist and photographer Heidi Specker (b. 1962) dedicates many of her works to the exploration of historical works and occurrences through visual media. For the current display by the Ann and Jürgen Wilde Foundation, she has created a work based on the draft of the book Ci-Contre by Moï Wer (1904–1995) from the 1920s that was first published in 2004 by Ann and Jürgen Wilde. Moï Wer sketches a dynamic picture of everyday life through pictorial compositions and dialogical comparisons. An interest in surfaces and structures is also an important element in Heidi Specker’s work. She has produced an updated version of Moï Wer‘s Ci-Contre as an artist’s book titled Reprise and will stage a re-enactment of the work in an exhibition featuring large-format photographs and an animated film.