Lee Kit

The art created by Lee Kit (1978, Hong Kong, China) opens up a zone between sculpture, painting and object that is both poetic and able to be experienced in spatial terms; its fragility reflects the artist’s youth and life in the hybrid culture midway between Asia and Europe.

Lee Kit’s approach is a reaction against the training as a traditional painter that he received in China: in all his works, the creative process is more important than the end product.

His work radiates the atmosphere of everyday domesticity and appears to blend with it by chance. At the same time, the artist expresses his views on social and political situations.

Lee Kit’s works do not speak out loud, but whisper a refined perspicacity. They are made immediately recognisable by their subtle pastel tints. The artist presents gentle criticism of the excessive pursuit of efficiency at a time of rapid economic growth.

In 2013 Lee Kit represented Hong Kong at the Venice Biennale and the Wall Street Journal called his work ‘one of the five must-sees’.