Noguchi’s Playscapes

Noguchi’s Playscapes

Date(s): Jul 15, 2017 – Nov 26, 2017
Location: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 151 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA

Artist Isamu Noguchi (Los Angeles, 1904–New York, 1988) explored the sculptural medium throughout his career, often extending beyond the gallery into the commercial and public realm through design. Observing that playgrounds offer a physical and social interaction not typically seen in a museum, he designed a number of public spaces where visitors could physically and actively engage with art. Noguchi’s Playscapes, organized by the Museo Tamayo, revisits his designs for several playgrounds, as well as stand-alone play structures. Through models, sketches, set designs, and archival images, the exhibition offers a view of Noguchi’s vision for new experiences of art, education, and humanity through play. While few were realized, Noguchi’s playscapes continue to inspire contemporary designers to consider play as a strategy for building community and stimulating creativity in the everyday.

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