Plan B - A Popup Exhibition

Plan B is a popup exhibition born out of love and support for the arts, occurring within the heart of the Chelsea Arts District and featuring galleries from all over the world. The popup was born after the VOLTA 2019 exhibitors were recently displaced.

“We understand how important an art fair in New York is for an out-of-town gallery, and this is the least we can do. It's simple: we have a space that we are not using, and we have friends in the neighborhood whom we could ask to join us in providing space. Please come to Plan B and see the work that these galleries have brought to New York.” — David Zwirner

Plan B will be held at 525 W 19 St and at  534 W 21 St, New York. Admission is free. Official hashtag: #planbpopup

A full list of participating galleries and artists can be found here: PlanB-ExhibitorList.