SpaceTime Kinetics

Using metal and mixed media Cristian utilizes natural, locally-sourced materials in a new way to create Spacetime Kinetics, on view at Delano Las Vegas from July 1st – September 30th, 2016.

Cristian S. Aluas is a Romanian-born Canadian fine artist, illustrator, graphic designer, art teacher, producer and speaker, now living in Las Vegas. Cristian’s portfolio covers several mediums, including large-scale murals, paintings, and installations.

SpaceTime Kinetics is inspired by the world at large, inter-relationships, the energy that we put out into the world at large, along with the gorgeous movements and relationships between people. The objective is to create artworks that are thoughtful, subtle, elegant, and impressive.

SpaceTime Kinetics is a concept-driven and elegantly finished art series that utilizes Las Vegas materials and resources. The process starts with the concepts and then the concepts are built out of locally-sourced metal and mixed media, then polished and/or painted to a clean and lustrous finish.

Careful consideration is taken for each of the pieces in the SpaceTime Kineticas exhibit, to suit the Delano space and gallery and to attract visitors enough to pause, observe, and be influenced by these elegant three-dimensional pieces.