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From 27 to 30 September 2018, viennacontemporary will once again gather more than 100 galleries and institutions from 26 countries under the roof of iconic Marx Halle.


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viennacontemporary underlines its significance not only as a market-place but also as a location for the presentation of young and... Details

The Glück Family Living Room

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The living room of the Glück family is a completely normal Viennese living room from the 1920s, and then again not, since while most of the furniture belonging to the Jews of Vienna was “aryanized” after 1938, the Glück family’s ended up in New York in 1939.

Plamen Dejanoff

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Elements from the spheres of art, consumerism, and everyday life equally and controversially figure in the post-conceptual artistic practice of Plamen Dejanoff (b. in Sofia in 1970, lives and works in Vienna).

BC21 BostonConsulting & BelvedereContemporary Art Award 2015

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The Boston Consulting & Belvedere Contemporary Art Award (BC21 Art Award), first launched in 2007 by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and the Belvedere as a joint project, is devoted to artists under 40 years of age living in Austria whose works seek the encounter with other disciplines.

Post41. Reports from Litzmannstadt Ghetto

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The exhibition “Post41” documents testimony from Litzmannstadt Ghetto. Postcards and diaries, extracts from the ghetto chronicle, and photos and film extracts form set pieces in the reconstruction of a story that basically cannot be told. Seventy years after the clearing of the ghetto, institutions in Vienna and Łódź are devoting an exhibition and remembrance book to the 5,000 Jews deported in 1941 from Aspangbahnhof in Vienna to Łódź. Many of the deportees died in the first few months of hunger and disease, and most of the rest were murdered in Kulmhof and Auschwitz. Only a few survived.

Wiesenthal in Vienna

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To mark the tenth anniversary of Wiesenthal’s death, the exhibition “Wiesenthal in Vienna” demonstrates his deep commitment to the city where he worked: ten aspects that he brought to Vienna, fought for, and repeatedly demanded, in public or within the Jewish Community. It offers a diversified portrait, not only of his public face as the world-famous Nazi hunter and his dealings with the fierce anti-Semitic attacks directed against him, but also of his busy “political” activities within the Jewish Community.