Aimee Pflieger
Alexandra Darby
Anne Dayton
Barbara Hoffman
Bettina Huang
Bob Gruen
Bruce Helander
Christophe von Hohenberg
Colleen Boyle
Colleen Marie Foley
Daniel Doubrovkine
Daniel S. Palmer
Deborah Gunn
Drew Watson
Jack Waters
Jason Newsted
Jeannette Montgomery Barron
Jeff Oppenheim
Josh Baer
Kelani Nichole
Margaret Holben Ellis
Rhonda Long-Sharp
Rosalba Carriera
Susan Mumford
Ted Riederer
William Charron
Alfstad& Contemporary
Association of Women Art Dealers (AWAD)
Gary Lichtenstein Editions at Mana
Long-Sharp Gallery
Perry J. Cohen Foundation
The Hoffman Law Firm
US Trust
ZenDog Productions


The 1AN Symposium brought together leading advisors, dealers, curators, critics, and artists to speak on a range of topics to help you buy, maintain, protect and sell works of art.

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Remembering Warhol: Thirty Years Ago

Speaker(s): Christophe von Hohenberg
Host(s): Alfstad& Contemporary

Celebrated photographer Christophe von Hohenberg presents a collection of historic photographs of Pop artist Andy Warhol’s 1987 Memorial service at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. In discussion with Alfstad& Contemporary’s Director, Sam Alfstad, von Hohenberg will share his photographs, Warhol testimonials, his book “The Day the Factory Died” and what it was like capturing history that day of the Memorial Service.

Alfstad& Contemporary
Christophe von Hohenberg
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How is Technology Changing and Shaping the Art World?

Speaker(s): Anne Dayton, Daniel Doubrovkine, Josh Baer

The art world is getting more innovative as the years pass. Emerging trends are being shaped by technology and not only are we changing how we source art but also how we communicate and connect with one another. Reputable advisor, curator and art market journalist, Josh Baer, Artsy CTO, Daniel Doubrovkine, and VP, Sr. Director at Collectrium, Anne Booth Dayton, will discuss how technology is connecting artists, collectors and experts like never before.

Anne Dayton Josh Baer Daniel Doubrovkine
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Art Finance and Philanthropy

Speaker(s): Drew Watson
Host(s): US Trust

Today we often think about the commercial art market, arts non-profits, and wealth management as three distinct worlds. In reality, they are all players in a highly-interconnected arts ecosystem, which is personified in the new generation of more commercially-minded and impact-driven art collectors. Drew Watson, an art services specialist at U.S. Trust, will explain a philosophical shift in the new generation of art collectors; macro-trends shaping arts institutional landscape; and how collectors are using their art strategically to create impact.

US Trust
Drew Watson
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Women Disrupting the Art World

Speaker(s): Alexandra Darby, Colleen Marie Foley, Kelani Nichole, Susan Mumford
Host(s): Association of Women Art Dealers (AWAD)

Join this interactive discussion between Susan Mumford, founder and CEO of the Association of Women Art Dealers (AWAD), Colleen Marie Foley, interdisciplinary artist, Alexandra Darby, the Head of Operations at NEW INC, and Kelani Nichole, the owner of TRANSFER. They’ll explore opportunities and challenges presented by technology, all the while uncovering how women are embracing digital to disrupt culture. 

Association of Women Art Dealers (AWAD)
Alexandra Darby Kelani Nichole Colleen Marie Foley Susan Mumford
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New York: When Creativity Ruled the Streets

Speaker(s): Barbara Hoffman, Jack Waters, Jeannette Montgomery Barron, Rosalba Carriera
Host(s): The Hoffman Law Firm, Artnet

New York’s artists made a giant impact on the art world. We saw the rise of art-as-popular-culture heroes Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Andy Warhol was leading the Pop Art movement. Further, the downtown performance art scene is legendary and the impact of works of art commissioned in a renewed spirit of civic art, as well as the postering of public spaces by the Guerilla Girls is evident to this day. Join our panel, led by pre-eminent art lawyer Barbara Hoffman with an original member of The Guerrilla Girls, Rosalba Carriera, legendary photographer Jeannette Montgomery Barron, and artist, filmmaker and writer Jack Waters, as they discuss New York’s electrifying cultural scene, the artists that left their mark, and the vibrant scene today, which is the legacy.

The Hoffman Law Firm Artnet
Rosalba Carriera Jack Waters Jeannette Montgomery Barron Barbara Hoffman
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ROCKERS RAWK – When Art Meets Rock n’ Roll

Speaker(s): Bob Gruen, Jason Newsted
Host(s): Perry J. Cohen Foundation, Gary Lichtenstein Editions at Mana

Legendary photographer Bob Gruen ​and rock and roll icon Jason Newsted of Metallica will present and discuss their combined exhibition ROCKERS RAWK. ​Gruen’s ROCKERS features images of the most legendary musicians, including John Lennon, David Bowie, Debbie Harry and The Rolling Stones. Newsted’s RAWK will be the Grammy Award winning bassists’ artistic debut, featuring paintings and prints. Q&A with the artists will follow. Shown by Gary Lichtenstein Editions, half of all sales from both artists will be donated to the Perry J. Cohen Foundation​.

Perry J. Cohen Foundation Gary Lichtenstein Editions at Mana
Jason Newsted Bob Gruen
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Art and Activism

Speaker(s): Bruce Helander, Daniel S. Palmer, Rhonda Long-Sharp, Ted Riederer
Host(s): Long-Sharp Gallery

Can political art change the world? History and current examples show that it can. This panel led by artist, writer and critic Bruce Helander and including contemporary gallerist Rhonda Long-Sharp, curator Daniel S. Palmer, who is involved in Public Art Fund’s upcoming exhibition with Ai Weiwei, Good Fences Make Good Neighbors, and artist Ted Riederer, who is running a socially relevant project at CONTEXT, will discuss how art touches people at deeper emotional levels, conveying what cannot be said with simple facts.

Long-Sharp Gallery
Ted Riederer Bruce Helander Rhonda Long-Sharp Daniel S. Palmer
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How to Approach Selling Your Collection

Speaker(s): Aimee Pflieger, Bettina Huang, Deborah Gunn

Are you looking to sell artwork that no longer fits your aesthetic? Or perhaps you are downsizing and need to let go of certain pieces? Esteemed art advisor, Deborah Gunn, will lead a discussion with Bettina Huang, Head of Consignment at Artsy and Aimee Pflieger, Head of Online Sales at Sotheby’s, to explain why it is important to know your options to maximize your financial result.

Deborah Gunn Aimee Pflieger Bettina Huang
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Real Fake: The Rise and Fall of Art Scammers 

Speaker(s): Colleen Boyle, Jeff Oppenheim, Margaret Holben Ellis, William Charron
Host(s): ZenDog Productions

Forgery is not a new problem but the art world continues to be rocked by forgery scandals. While the tools to detect counterfeit art are getting more sophisticated, so are the con-artists that create them. Documentary film director Jeff Oppenheim, Senior VP of Pall Mall Art Advisors, Colleen Boyle, and Director of the Thaw Conservation Center, Margaret Holben Ellis, and Art Litigator and Partner at Pryor Cashman LLP, William Charron, discuss how they applied provenance, connoisseurship and forensics to ferret out works by the most prolific forger of the last century as chronicled in the new documentary – Real Fake: The Art, Life & Crimes of Elmyr de Hory. 

ZenDog Productions
William Charron Jeff Oppenheim Margaret Holben Ellis Colleen Boyle
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