The Fair Economy: How Art Fairs Have Reshaped the Art Market

Juliet Helmke, Maureen Bray, Cristina Salmastrelli, Eric Smith, Mikhaile Solomon, Elena Zavelev

Millennial Collectors: Understanding the New Generation of Auction Buyers

Courtney Christensen, Christopher Barnekow, Kathleen Guzman, Alasdair Nichol

Art Technology: The Art Market 2.0

Elena Zavelev, Massimo Sterpi, Devin Finzer, Curt Bilby, Anne Bracegirdle

Regulating the Art Market 

Peter K. Tompa, Clinton Howell, James McAndrew, Michael McCullough, Narric Rome, Lark E. Mason, Jr.

Art Risk Management & Insurance

Lawrence M. Shindell, Laura Patten, Ronald Fiamma, Mary Pontillo, Dennis M. Wade

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