Speaker(s): Morgan Long

A Financialized Art Market


In recent years, there has been plenty of talk of the “financialization” of art. A financialized art market could lead to an explosion of liquidity and value.

Many banks and financial institutions’ clients are buying art for investment. With plenty of liquidity available from the major banks, and millions to be made from auction guarantees, wealthy collectors can make art a lucrative asset. But can too strong a focus on financial returns undermine the true value of art?

This talk will address:

  • Art as an asset class
  • The growth of international collections – what is this doing to the art market?
  • Luxury redefined: new players, new challenges
  • Global wealth & the art buyers

This talk was originally filmed during The Business of Art Observed.


Morgan Long

Senior Director at Fine Art Group
Morgan Long joined The Fine Art Group (“The Group”) in 2002, has been Head of Art Investment since 2005 and is a Senior Director of The Group. As one of The Group’s leading in-house art-experts, Morgan has been responsible for overseeing the due diligence on all purchases and sales for The Group’s funds and private accounts, and personally works...

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