Artists in the Hamptons


This webinar offers an overview of the colorful history of artists who have lived and worked in the Hamptons.

The Hamptons have long been a haven for artists. The rural landscape and coastal setting have inspired many painters and sculptors over the years, and the area continues to attract talent from all over the world. Today, the Hamptons are home to a diverse community of artists, ranging from established professionals to up-and-coming talents.

While the art scene in the Hamptons is relatively small, it punches above its weight in terms of quality and variety. Visitors to the area can find art galleries, studios, and exhibitions throughout the Hamptons, showcasing the work of both local and international artists. Whether you're looking for contemporary art or traditional paintings, there's sure to be something on display that will catch your eye. Whether you're an art lover or an artist yourself, a visit to the Hamptons is sure to be a creative experience.

Annelien Bruins Shares Her Expertise

This presentation is a high level overview of the artistic history and artists in the Hamptons and is for informational purposes only. This includes Jackson Pollock and Dan Rizzie, whom Annelien Bruins, formerly of Tang Art Advisory, takes an in-depth look at. This presentation should not be taken as art advice or investment advice in general or in relation to specific artists.

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Annelien Bruins

Annelien Bruins serves as an independent Chief Marketing Officer to companies in the art, luxury and wealth management industries. She is a board member of the Foundation of the American Institute of Conservation.
Prior to her current focus on marketing strategy, she founded and ran her own art advisory firm in London, founded Katapult Coaching for Artists, an online business that...

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