Speaker(s): Katherine Wilson-Milne, Steven R. Schindler

Legal Considerations for Collectors in 2020


2020 has brought sudden and severe changes to all facets of life and the art world is no exception.

The landscape of buying and selling, as well as owning art, has shifted and collectors have new legal needs and concerns. In this presentation, reputable art lawyers, Katie and Steve, will talk about some of these concerns related to buying, selling and financing art in a remote environment and consigning art to financially leveraged dealers.

Katie and Steve invited all members to submit relevant questions in advance. All submissions were much appreciated, but due to time constraints, only a handful will be addressed here in detail.


Katherine Wilson-Milne

Katie Wilson-Milne is a litigator and art lawyer practicing at Schindler, Cohen & Hochman LLP. Katie advises clients in the art, cultural and creative communities, including art galleries, other art businesses, collectors, artists, and not-for-profit organizations in the art space on transactional matters related to the purchase, sale, lending and financing of art, as well as gallery,...

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Steven R. Schindler

Steve Schindler is a founding partner of Schindler Cohen & Hochman LLP, a litigation and art law boutique located at 100 Wall Street in New York City. Steve heads SCH’s Art Law Group. This practice area, which has grown steadily over the past decade, combines SCH’s formidable litigation expertise with a deep knowledge of the art market and its specific legal issues. Steve regularly...

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