1. Tang Art Advisory and One Art Nation (“We”, “Us”) have produced the Art Wealth Management Course (the “Course”) with the intention of giving participants in this Course (“You”) a better understanding of art as an asset class.

2. This Course covers basic principles about the art market, art pricing, legal issues related to art, art investment and art financing that may be helpful for you to know about when advising your clients with an interest in art.

3. Based on survey results, we have incorporated the topics you told us you want to hear about. This Course focuses on art wealth management and does not include information about other passion assets, such as gold, jewelry or cars.

4. This Course is not an exhaustive list of all art-related issues that come up in the course of collecting or investing in art. You or your client may run into other issues that you may need to know about and you always need to do your own due diligence before getting involved with the art market.

5. This Course is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute tax or investment advice. This Course should not be taken as advice for or against buying art whether for enjoyment or for investment purposes; whether through an art fund or directly. This Course does not provide advice for or against art lending or other forms of art finance.

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