La Petite Mort Gallery

Ontario, CA

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La Petite Mort (a French reference to the tense throes of orgasm) is a befitting name for a gallery with an appetite for the ecstatic. Definitely sexy and committed to indulgence, La Petite Mort is an eclectic ode to diversity. Home to a wide range of contemporary artwork, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, “objects trouvés” & mixed media, the gallery’s owner, Guy Bérubé, is focused on examining the synergy between artistic expression and true design, guided by the principle that the harmony of the two result in the highest form of creation. Constant events at the gallery, such as the ‘One Night Stand’ 24 hour-art-happenings & weekly spots for emerging talent, keep the space consistently vibrant, while stunning exhibits showcase a colorful mix of local, regional & international contemporary talent that will appeal to creative collectors.

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