Business of Art Observed

Join 250+ art professionals for the second edition of our conference on the business of art!

Following the success of the first Business of Art Observed held in May 2019, the second event will continue the discussion of key themes raised, including innovation in art business models, the evolution of best practice, industry changes like the use of blockchain, how artists are navigating the business ecosystem, regulation and the growth of art fairs.

Globalized and complex, the art market is constantly evolving and has a far-reaching impact beyond just the creative industries. With a packed afternoon of panel discussions, in-depth fireside chats and keynote speeches planned, this is the event to hear from the leaders and new emerging trendsetters in the arts. The editors at Observer have designed an agenda that offers a unique and interactive opportunity for everyone in the art world to come together to discuss important trends and challenges affecting all. Topics include:

  • The auction world and its changing nature
  • Understanding the new generation of auction buyers
  • Zombie Statistics, Draconian Laws, Media Complicity: The End of the Global Antiquities Trade
  • Blockchain and collection management
  • A financialized art market
  • And more!

View the recordings of the talks from The Inaugural Business of Art Observed in May 2019 here.