Business of Art Observed

Join over 200+ professionals for a half-day conference on the business of art.

Art is a 50 billion dollar industry and is becoming more of an innovative business than ever before. This inaugural event will bring together art market professionals to discuss key business issues, trends and technology disruption facing the industry on both a national and global scale.

Analyzing and understanding how the art world is being disrupted and the impact this is having on business models is key in today’s climate. The art world’s unique set of challenges: the birth of a global arts market, the use of social media, preferences towards digital galleries and the growth of international art fairs, as well as struggles with regulations in an evolving industry, needs to be addressed in an open and interactive platform.

Observer will bring together leading figures from the art world to share their experiences ensuring the art community can build better businesses in 2019, including:

- Disruption in the Art World – How the Rules are Changing and the Impact on Art Businesses Nationally and Globally
- Regulating the Art Market
- The Art Market 2.0: Using Art & Technology Solutions to Drive the Industry Forward
- Insurance & Risk Management
- The Fair Economy: How Art Fairs Have Reshaped the Art Market
- Globalization