COLIN FRASER: Sunny Days and City Lights - New Paintings

'The subjects that I paint have a connection to me. It’s an emotional and often historical connection. I need this if I am going to commit the time, work and feeling needed to produce a tempera which may take weeks to complete.

The cityscapes/nocturnes of Toronto came about after many visits for shows at Mira Godard Gallery and spending a lot of time, unable to sleep, walking around the city in the small hours. I never planned to make these pictures, they just happened as a result of the material I gathered together observing this fascinating place. They are not so much portraits of the city but rather how it feels as an outsider to walk around it."

- Colin Fraser 2018

COLIN FRASER was born in Glasgow in 1956, studied art in Brighton and currently lives and works in Sweden. Fraser is represented by Mira Godard Gallery and has exhibited internationally in London, New York and Glasgow. His work is found in numerous private and corporate collections throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

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