Independent New York

Part consortium, part collective, Independent lies somewhere between a collective exhibition and a reexamination of the art fair model, reflecting the changing attitudes and growing challenges for artists, galleries, curators and collectors.

The individual concepts for presentation are met with custom spaces that are curated in relation to one another, allowing for dynamic conversation between the exhibitions, participants and visitors.

The international list of participating galleries, independent curators, publishers and nonprofit spaces was developed through personal invitations from the founders, the advisors, and, ultimately, the participants themselves.

This approach has allowed the project to evolve through conversations, collaborations and shared conceptual arrangements as opposed to the application process that typically characterizes the contemporary art fair.

Through this ongoing interaction, the participants have entered into a consortium rather than a transactional arrangement with a governing party. Structured as a transparent financial cooperative, the collaborative process of Independent allows for both financial efficiency and the creation of more ambitious projects.