Kevin Miller

“I make paintings using computers and computer fabrication, really this is because I enjoy painting on computer. Painting on computer is beguiling and frictionless. It has an interesting, abbreviated relationship to (what I think of as) physically painting. It introduces a new experience and old questions regarding many of the basic concerns of painting and discourse on painting – things like colour, gesture and materiality. It also allows me to work without ‘filling in’ a rectangle, to escape from the canvas and a very small part of the ever present art historical baggage that accompanies painting.

The paintings are produced intuitively through a constant daily practice. They find their formal language in several places: in the wormy ‘brushstrokes’ and RGB colour-space of the tools, in art created for the digital screen such as computer games or GUIs and also in modernist abstract painters.

I feel there is an ever-present debate about the authenticity of digital painting –painting is often defined in terms of its relationship to materiality and the physical body, especially some of the painting I most enjoy. Eventually I make the paintings into physical objects – I fabricate them and here I may be staking out some sort of position in that debate for the time being.” Kevin Miller