LAURENT GUÉRIN: Auto Portraits - Photographs

LAURENT GUÉRIN was born in 1969 in Montreal. He began his career as a fashion photographer and soon distinguished himself in various solo and group exhibitions across North America. In 2004, he was invited by the organization World Press Photo to exhibit a series of photographs taken in India, ‘Les Enfants de la Rue’, in the main hall of the Maison de la Culture Frontenac (Montreal). In 2008, Cirque du Soleil’s head office in Montreal exhibited Guérin’s Japan series ‘Nippon-Ga’.

In addition to being chosen for one of the prestigious LUX prize of Grafika magazine (Montreal), Guérin’s photographs have been published internationally in various magazines such as Time Magazine (New York), Express (Paris), Vibe (Toronto) and Urb (Los Angeles).

LAURENT GUÉRIN’s work is found in numerous private and corporate collections including, Emprise Bank, Kansas; Bennett Jones, Toronto; Cedarome Collection, Montreal; Cirque du Soleil, Montreal; Colart Collection, Montreal and T.D. Bank, Montreal, Toronto.

LAURENT GUÉRIN lives and works in Montreal.

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