Lea Fisher: Inside Out

A prominent Dallas Reflectionist artist and philanthropist, Lea Fisher has spent the last year looking inward – narrowing her artistic focus to create her most recent body of work, which includes inner “Self-Portraits” and aura paintings with Diamond Dust. Fisher will be in attendance at the opening reception, and the exhibition will be on view through December 22, 2018.

Inside Out exhibits a dramatic turn in Fisher’s maturity and identity as an artist. The exhibition consists of two major developments in Fisher’s artistic career – the creation of her unapologetic inner Self-Portraits, inspired by her extensive introspection, as well as the incorporation of Diamond Dust into her paintings, a glass material made popular by Andy Warhol. The series of Self-Portraits consist of universal and complex issues related to contemporary societal afflictions that also mirror her life experiences. The works explore grief, anger, pain, shame, euphoria, hope, gratitude and a multitude of other emotions and personal reflections, through which she is sharing her experience of her supernormal journey of self-acknowledgement. Though their creation began without this self-revealing intention, the portraits are an outward expression of the inner psyche – androgynous, narcissistic, haunting, frustrated, grotesque, glamorous, resilient, and triumphant. Created in a state of surrender, Fisher intends for them to be relatable to viewers and to be a looking glass into the soul. She allows audiences to see her range of emotions clearly throughout the series, moving the viewer from despair to courage and rising out of fear and suffering along the way.

“Each painting is a snapshot of an emotion, event or personal relationship that related to my inner world, my healing and my ultimate recovery. My hope is that these portraits inspire conversation and lead people to their own self-truths.” – Lea Fisher