Akasha Art Projects has been at the forefront of art and design for over 10 years. We believe that by merging art and functionality this creates an avenue for any audience to access and enjoy the world of art. This exhibition coincides with Toronto’s Design month by stepping away from 2-dimensional wall art and showcasing utilitarian hand-painted art doors.

Armstrong's work is bright and bold, capturing the dynamic awe-inspiring images of years gone by. His work is inspired by vintage pop-art pulled from Japanese match boxes and glamour magazines. The artist paints large format and his practiced technique includes bringing these images to life using acrylic and resin. He applies the strengths of his expertise in his application to achieve smooth surfaces which are crystal clear, and his technique creates an extremely vibrant finish.
Armstrong likes to push the limits of art and function and has merged the two, producing pieces of functional art which include sliding doors and room/space dividers.