“Memory Bank” retrospective photo exhibit

Toronto Renaissance Man R.Kelly Clipperton offers a photo retrospective “Memory Bank”, featuring 25 large scale pieces on display, spanning Clipperton’s 25 years of shooting.

MEMORY BANK.  Photographic retrospective.  1991-2016

By nature I am quite nostalgic.  Sentimental to a fault.  Hell, the first exhibit I held of my work in 2003 was called 'Greatest Hits' (Thank you RB).  A palm reader read me when I was 20 and said I was a very old soul, possibly on my last life…which would certainly explain my lack of patience for ANYTHING.  If I buy into this notion even in the slightest its because often I’ve felt very much like an outsider, even while on the inside, and frequently question where I belong...  This is highly dramatic I know, but it suits me (smiles).

These photos from the past 25 years barely scratch the surface of anything really.  So many of my favourites are in the hands of Patrons and I vowed never to re-print them, so they are not here.  Joe challenged me to present pieces that people hadn't seen before so this collection is about 3/4 never before released images and the rest re-issues of pieces that were originally only seen on photo paper.  This collection does represent a few things though:  A lot of these moments are iconic for me.   Additionally I tried to include as much as I could from each year while also featuring people that I was inspired to photograph repeatedly.

My images have grown into pieces with greater statement of late, but when I started I think what I captured best was people at ease with me… I adore breaking down nerves and tapping adrenaline to a point where I capture something unexplainable and just a little magic.  I am always honoured that people feel good about themselves after shooting...and if I get what I was hoping for, then what more could one need.