Rinus Van de Velde

Rinus Van de Velde fantasises his life stories on the basis of found photos and photos of scenes he stages and builds himself. In this context he tests out various points of view without having to identify with his characters.

Van de Velde creates realistic work on a large scale with life-sized figures. These dimensions create the impression that you are able to enter into his drawings. To accompany the drawings, the artist writes texts that establish a context and make you look for longer.

The artist draws because he is able to evoke stories better in that medium than with photos, films or paintings. He uses charcoal rather than coloured or fine pencils. This enables him to work faster, it brings out the documentary archive character of the images better, and creates greater uniformity between his works. In fact he sees his oeuvre as one great installation.

At first glance you experience Rinus Van de Velde’s drawings as virtuoso, direct, light and cool. But as soon as you allow yourself to be carried off into his world of large, detailed images, you discover the underlying layers: thorough research, visual intelligence, incisive irony, a free imagination and considerable sensitivity.