The Museum Brandhorst presents the first-ever retrospective of the work of American artist Seth Price. Featuring more than 150 works, the exhibition includes sculptures, films, photographs, drawings, paintings, video pieces, clothes and textiles, web design, music and poetry. Price’s artistic practice breaks the traditional mould of fine art, as he plays with and uses the various production forms and distribution channels of, for example, the music and fashion industry and literary publishing. In doing so he explores the fundamental changes that have been wrought in visual culture, which have gone hand-in-hand with the widespread establishment of digital media.
Seth Price – Social Synthetic is a collaboration between the Museum Brandhorst and the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, where the exhibition will go on show from 15 April to 3 September 2017. The exhibition traces Seth Price’s versatile and influential art from early works from 2000 up to a newly completed series from the present day.