As part of the wider theme of post-1960 German painting, since 1 August 2017 a room in the Staatsgalerie Moderne Kunst in Augsburg has been dedicated to works by Günther Förg (b. 1952 in Füssen, d. 2013 in Breisgau), which now form part of the Michael & Eleonore Stoffel Foundation. It features 25 drawings and watercolours on paper from the ‘Masks’ (1990) series. In these works, human facial features are abstracted down to their basic elements, and then modified into a whole array of variations, thus illustrating different levels of human perception and the possibilities of composition. The collection display also features large-scale paintings by Markus Lüpertz, Jörg Immendorff, A. R. Penck, Martin Kippenberger, Walter Dahn, Salomé, and Bernd Zimmer. The display is now enriched by an ‘excursion’ into this aspect of Förg’s multifaceted works and his shifting style between figurative and non-figurative representation.