Aldo Rubino

Aldo Rubino is a Managing Director in the Wealth Management Division of Jefferies LLC.  Aldo built his career as a Financial Advisor working with national and multinational companies, high net worth individuals, family offices, foundations and pension funds. Aldo’s career in finance spans over 30 years, providing clients predominately with fixed income solutions as well as advising them on equity investments.  Prior to joining Jefferies, Aldo was one of the leading Financial Advisors at Wells Fargo, and was the Treasury Manager at Hoechst Argentina S.A.  Originally from Buenos Aires, he actually lives in New York City.  Aldo has a passion for art and began collecting art in the late 1980’s with a special emphasis on geometric abstraction and in 2009 he decided to create MACBA, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Buenos Aires.  He had made several exhibitions around the world, focused in International Geometry, and had participated in several conferences related with art, finance and art, museum activities.