Educated at Harvard, Williams and the University of California, Dr. Barry T. Malin is a physician specializing in major reconstructive surgery for patients with head and neck cancer.  Dr. Malin is also an avid collector of contemporary art with special interests in emerging artists and contemporary African art.  He is the founder of Burning in Water – Contemporary Art Trust, which promotes access to important post-war and contemporary artwork with an emphasis on the work of living and particularly emerging artists.  Works in the Burning in Water collection are available for loan to museums, educational institutions, and trust supporters.  Burning in Water also has a partnership with the non-profit Free Arts NYC, which provides arts education and mentoring programs to under-served children in New York City schools and shelters.  Dr. Malin was recently featured in a New York Times article on the on-line art market.  His observations regarding contemporary art and the art market are posted on his blog (, Instagram ( and Twitter (  Information on Free Arts NYC’s programs is available at