Nelson Saiers’ art draws inspiration from a range of subjects portraying them through a mathematical lens that translates ideas into symbols and metaphor. Having received his Ph.D. in mathematics by the age of 23, Saiers possesses a rare ability to perform extreme mental math, envision color in other dimensions, and notice patterns in unexpected places. He therefore largely sees and experiences the world through his internal applied filter of math, and he is inspired by the metaphysical creativity that the field embodies. During the first 5 years of his life, Saiers experienced two wars when his family lived in Ethiopia and then Afghanistan. His childhood memories include tank battles outside his house in Afghanistan and being stopped at machine gunpoint in Ethiopia. As a result, his work regularly includes subtle images and symbols reflective of this formative early period of his childhood. Later in life, he witnessed the tragic events of September 11 from several hundred yards away. While his art is rarely graphic in nature, it is deeply informed by these experiences. Rooted in his diverse interests, unusual life experiences, and beliefs, Saiers’ art translates his unique perspective into visual imagery that comments on moral and societal issues. Saiers is currently CIO of New York based hedge fund Saiers Capital. He previously ran a proprietary trading desk as a managing director at Deutsche Bank.