Nico Kos Earle

Arts writer, curator and art consultant, Nico Kos Earle is a member of the Critics Circle, has a blog on Artlyst called The Artist’s Statement.

In addition to curating shows (, Sense of Place) she regularly writes art features for numerous titles. Her catalogue and title essays include Ibid Gallery, Art Bastion, Cadogan Contemporary for a wide range of artists like Simon Allison, Hamish Mackie, Emma Levine, Deborah Tarr, Chris Levine and Andrea Hamilton. Books include Joost Vandebrug’s Cince Lei, and Ina Jarvis. Most recently she commissioned and liaised with Simon Allison of Lockbund Sculpture to deliver eight monumental sculptures on behalf of Merchant Cantos for Merck. Nico is currently working on a series of essays that form a wider project titled ‘The Unseen’ that tells the story artists who have been critically overlooked. She holds an MA in Literature with Philosophy from Trinity College, Dublin.