Paco Barragán is curator of visual arts at Matucana 100, Santiago de Chile, and Contributing Editor for ARTPULSE magazine, and is currently pursuing a Doctorate degree at Universidad de Salamanca (USAL). Some of the exhibitions that he has curated in 2015 are: Alfredo Jaar: May 1st, 2011; Intimate Strangers: Politics as Celebrity, Celebrity as Politics; Political Dali: Communism, Falangism and Francoism in Salvador Dali’s Life; and Wir sind Utopia: the Artist as Activist, all at Matucana 100; Guided Tour: Artist, Museum, Spectator at MUSAC in Leon, Spain; and Erwin Olaf: The Empire of Illusion at the Museo Castagnino-MACRO in Rosario, Argentina. Paco Barragán is author of The Art to come/El arte que viene (2002), Subastas Siglo XXI, and The Art Fair Age/La era de las ferias, published by CHARTA in June 2008. He is also editor of Don’t Call it Performance (Salamanca Ciudad de Cultura, 2004), Sustainabilities/Sostenibilidades (CHARTA, 2008) and co-editor of When a Painting moves… Something Must be Rotten! (CHARTA, 2011). Lives in Santiago de Chile, works internationally.