Ramsey Andrijevich, CFP®

Mr. Andrijevich has 10 years’ experience in the financial services industry, across an array of functions. He currently serves as a Wealth Advisor at First Foundation Advisors, where his primary focus is to establish and maintain relationships with UHNW clients. He oversees the management of client portfolios, advises on asset allocation, provides investment recommendations, and performs comprehensive financial planning. Mr. Andrijevich has an acute understanding of the unique considerations facing collectors of Fine Art and other illiquid hard assets, how to incorporate those assets into a broader portfolio, and also how to solve for estate and legacy planning needs. Prior to joining First Foundation Advisors, Mr. Andrijevich’s experience includes Relationship Management with Purus Wealth Management and Advisor Training & Support with Waddell & Reed Financial. He is also a member of the Newport Beach Arts Foundation and the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts. Mr. Andrijevich is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Missouri, Kansas City.

Get to Know Me

What do you do in the art world?

I work with clients to ensure they consider all aspects of collecting, and how their collections fit into the rest of their estate. From risk management, to estate and philanthropic planning, I help clients identify strategies to achieve their financial goals.

What international art destination do you want to visit most?

Gobekli Tepe. Hunter-gatherers were not supposed to be able to build megalithic construction. Neither were they thought to have had religion. Evidence for both resides at a site in Turkey that was intentionally buried after it was built some 12,000 years ago. I have to go visit that place. Soon.

Tell us about the most recent / last piece you acquired?

Monsoon - Kim Manfredi. 8x10 oil on wood. Impressionistic depiction of a late-afternoon monsoon on a beach. Curtains of water flash across the sky as if they were verticals walls of water.