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Analyzing Trends and Tendencies in the Global Art Market
Speaker(s): Elena Zavelev
Recorded at: Art Southampton 2014

Analyzing Trends and Tendencies in the Global Art Market

This presentation will give an overview and analysis of the current statistics for online art sales and their potential within the brick and mortar art world.

Talk Details

Participants will learn:

  • Ten Most Valuable Artists in Skate’s Top 5000 (as of December 31, 2013)
  • Ten Most Liquid Artists (Greatest Number of Repeat Sales by Years)
  • Skate’s Art Stock Index (Global Art Industry Performance) in 2014
  • Who are The World’s Most Valuable Living Artists

Speaker Details


Elena Zavelev

Elena has over nine years of project management experience specializing in business development and partnerships. With a background in business and arts, she enjoys bridging cultural and business spaces together, allowing creating and further developing dynamic and innovative ventures.

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