Artist Spotlight: Jules Feiffer – In Conversation with John Torreano


Presenting a much anticipated conversation with a renown cartoonist, playwright and author.

Artist John Torreano will speak with Jules Feiffer about his career and his most recent book “Out of Line, The Art of Jules Feiffer”, by Martha Fay and his graphic novel “Kill My Mother”, which was recently exhibited at the Parrish Art Museum.

Jules Feiffer is a legendary figure in the world of cartooning. His career spans more than six decades, during which he has won numerous awards and accolades. In addition to his work as a cartoonist, Feiffer has also worked as a screenwriter, playwright, and children's book author.

Jules Feiffer began his career as a cartoonist in the late 1940s, when he started selling his cartoons to magazines such as The New Yorker and Playboy. His cartoons often dealt with controversial topics such as race relations and sexual politics. In the 1960s, Feiffer began writing scripts for famous cartoon characters such as Superman and Batman. He also wrote the screenplay for the 1968 film Little Murders, starring Elliott Gould and Alan Arkin.

In the 1970s, Feiffer wrote and illustrated two children's books that were both nominated for the Pulitzer Prize: The Kid Who Ran for President and Harry the Rat with Women. He also wrote the screenplay for the 1980 film Carnal Knowledge, which starred Jack Nicholson and Candice Bergen.

In recent years, Feiffer has continued to produce comics and illustrations for a variety of publications. He has also been involved in several stage productions, including Obie Award-winning plays such as A Bad Friend (2013) and Victim (2014).

Jules Feiffer is a true legend in the world of cartooning. His impressive career has spanned more than six decades and includes award-winning work in various mediums.

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John Torreano

John Torreano received critical attention in the 1980s for his Wall Gems, painted wood, gem-shaped sculptures often imbedded with glass jewels. Installed in various group configurations the sculptures seem to float on the wall. In his latest work, wooden balls have replaced the imbedded gems on flat, planar surfaces while the gem shapes of the wall sculptures have morphed into spheres which he...

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Jules Feiffer

Jules Feiffer is an internationally acclaimed cartoonist, playwright, screenwriter and author. His satirical outlook and probing wit have influenced several generations politically, sexually and socially. He has made an important and varied contribution to America’s cultural life. His syndicated cartoon strip, for which he was awarded a Pulitzer Prize, ran for forty years in The Village...

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