Wall Mounted Sculptures: Pushing the 2-D Boundaries of an Art Collection


Abstracted wall mounted sculpture supplements any existing art collection through the addition of light play, color and three-dimensional space.

Adding a form or object that casts shadows and compliments the other artwork in color can enhance an existing realistic or abstract painting or photograph. This session will looks at how 3-D art can function for you, by examining the works of Matt Devine and Arno Kortschot.

If the sculpture is geometric set next to a realistic image, for instance, the difference in aesthetics and subject allows each art work to maintain it’s integrity and actually compliment each through the contrast established. The shadow play of the sculpture defines it’s space on the wall and the color provides another level of aesthetics that acts much like a photograph or painting but portrays a sense of solidity and movement a sculptural form can only provide. Although sometimes difficult to position a photograph next to a painting, the wall mounted abstract sculpture provides a natural division of art works allowing for a play of balance and individuality of the art works displayed together.

Jennifer Kostuik Shares Her Expertise

In this session, Jennifer Kostuik of Kostuik Gallery will looks at how 3-D art can function for you, by examining the wall mounted sculptures of Matt Devine and Arno Kortschot.

Attendees will learn:

  • about inherent aesthetics of three dimensional wall mounted abstract sculpture, color, texture, shadow play, space creation
  • that sculpture can visually divide a room or separate two other art works in a natural or “curated” manner
  • that another medium of art adds to one’s existing 2 –D art collection

Please take note that this session took place live during the 1AN Symposium at Art New York.

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Jennifer Kostuik

Jennifer Kostuik has a BAH Art History Degree and has owned Kostuik Gallery since 1997. She is a Canadian citizen with an American childhood.

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