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As I See It: A Perspective on Hunt Slonem’s Bunnies

Speaker(s): Bruce Helander

As I See It: A Perspective on Hunt Slonem’s Bunnies

This session features a PowerPoint talk on Hunt Slonem’s new book, Bunnies, recently published by Glitterati Press.

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Bruce Helander is the author of the critical essay “Quantum Lepus” in this new book, which offers a different slant on “hip hop” culture and an inside view on the painter’s work through comparisons to Franz Kline and Willem de Kooning.
Bruce Helander has written extensively on Slonem’s work and career, including an informative critical essay titled “Quantum Lepus for this latest book, as well as a chapter in his book, Learning to See titled “Bird’s Eye View.”


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Bruce Helander

Bruce Helander is a former White House Fellow of the National Endowment for the Arts and is the former Editor-in-Chief of The Art Economist magazine. His columns on art, values, and investing in art appear regularly in The Huffington Post.

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