Speaker(s): John Jacobs

Fine Art Storage: Standards, Services and Options


It is important to stay in touch with the basic strategies regarding fine art storage while at the same time being aware of developing trends. This session will address fundamental ideas and explore new ideas and directions.

Participants will learn:

  • Current status in temperature and humidity standards
  • Services that complement managing your fine art storage
  • Recent trends in both temperature/humidity standards, services and options


John Jacobs

John K. Jacobs is the founder and President of ARTEX Fine Art Services. Mr. Jacobs has been involved in the safe handling, transport, packing, crating and storage of museum artifacts for over 20 years. Under the direction of Mr. Jacobs, ARTEX has been awarded the largest and most complex museum projects of the last decade. Past projects include collection relocations for Smithsonian American...

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