Speaker(s): Joshua Pulman

Incorporating Freeport Free Trade Zones Into an Art Collection's Global Logistics Framework: challenges, benefits, and tips


As global interest in the art and culture reaches new heights, art collectors are tasked with managing logistics at a global scale.

Free Trade Zones are an integral part of the operations behind institutional collections but are rarely leveraged by burgeoning collections. Pulling on insights from an art-focused global logistics firm, this webinar demystifies Free Trade Zone storage facilities.

Participants will take away:

  • How art institutions leverage Free Trade Zones today.
  • The benefits of integrating FTZs in an art collection’s logistics framework in a global context.
  • Challenges and tips to activate Free Trade Zones.



Joshua Pulman

Joshua co-founded and is CEO at Agaport, a technology-based logistics firm that focuses on demystifying Freeports and FTZs. Agaport’s agile approach to logistics is anchored by technology. A robust platform aligns business needs with FTZ regulations, availability, and object requirements to surface bespoke solutions, perfectly tailored to the movement and fluctuations of the most active...

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