What Data Tells Us About the Impact of Covid-19 on the Art Market


Pi-eX analyses historical auction sales trends to understand the impact Covid-19 has been having on the art market as of end of March 2020.

Little could have prepared the global markets specifically the art market for a pandemic like Covid-19 and its obstacles. But as with all crises, there is opportunity in these challenges! Auction houses and galleries have increased their capabilities with the addition of online sales platforms, and a focus on data and social media exposure. Artists too have been responding.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a wake up call for many art businesses who are now reevaluating their business models. It's possible we'll continue to see new art trends accelerate to just months or seasons. Many changes will be permanent thanks to new business models allowing us to access information sooner than ever before. These changes will help art businesses stay competitive even during difficult times.

Christine Bourron On Covid-19 and the Art Market

In this webinar, Founder Christine Bourron answers the critical questions about the impact of Covid-19 using art market data:

  • What trade data is available in the art market?
  • What was the state of the art market before Covid-19?
  • What impact has Covid-19 had on the market as of end of March 2020?
  • What is next for the art market?

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Christine Bourron

Christine Bourron is the CEO of Pi-eX. Founded in 2014, Pi-eX is a London based, FCA regulated, financial broker dealer, focusing on Fine Art market research and Fine Art‐based financial instruments. Pi-eX’s mission is to help art stakeholders better understand and manage risk and volatility in the fine art market. As a financial advisor, Pi-eX offers primary research as...

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