Options for Protecting Art Collections


This webinar covers how to prepare and protect your collection for the unexpected.

Protecting art collections is important for many reasons, as Emily Thompson will explain. Firstly, art is often very valuable, both financially and culturally. Secondly, art is fragile and can be easily damaged. Finally, art is often irreplaceable - once it is destroyed, it can never be recovered. There are many ways to protect art collections, such as climate control, security systems and carefully designed storage facilities.

Proper storage protects against physical damage, light damage, and environmental damage. There are many types of storage available, from basic cardboard boxes to custom-built cabinets. The key is to choose a storage option that will best protect the specific type of artwork being stored. Make sure to consult a professional before choosing a storage option to ensure that the art will be properly protected.

In addition to storage, another important consideration for protecting art collections is insurance. A comprehensive insurance policy will cover the cost of repairs or replacement if the artwork is damaged or destroyed. It is important to remember that most homeowners insurance policies have limits on the amount they will pay for art, so it is essential to purchase a separate policy if the collection is valuable. Again, it is best to consult with a professional to make sure that the collection is properly insured. By taking these precautions, art collectors can rest assured that their collections will be safe from harm.

And remember, the most important step is always prevention. By taking steps to reduce the risk of damage, such as using protective materials and handling artworks with care, we can help to ensure that our collections will be preserved for future generations.

Emily Thompson Shares Her Thoughts on Protecting Art

Emily Thompson, a fine art specialist at Emigrant Bank Fine Art Finance, shares her experience with and expertise on protecting art collections.

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Emily Thompson

Emily A. Thompson is a Fine Art Specialist at Emigrant Bank Fine Art Finance and its art advisory and appraisal firm, Fine Art Asset Management, with 20+ years of experience in art market research and valuation. Ms. Thompson has worked as a Senior Fine Art Appraiser at companies in the industry valuing artworks for the purpose of financial planning and donation, insurance coverage, and...

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