Speaker(s): Holly Sherratt

The Californian Art Market Today


The California art market can’t be defined with a single narrative. It is shaped by dealers, collectors, and auction houses. While this is an exciting time in CA with more art fairs, galleries and museums than ever before, for any given artist, the market is in flux. Some CA artists command great sums of money, while others are still undervalued.

This talk looks at some key California artists and discusses the impact of individuals and institutions on their markets. It also notes how the market is different for galleries and auction houses.

Attendees will learn:

  • How the California art market is shaped by dealers, collectors, and auction houses
  • About primary vs. secondary markets
  • About auction estimates vs. gallery prices


Holly Sherratt

Holly Sherratt has more than 20 years of fine art experience and has worked in the auction industry for more than a decade. As a well-regarded Modern and Contemporary Art specialist, she has directed the sales of hundreds of important collections around the world. She was the founding Director of Made in California Art at a major auction house and was instrumental in establishing world record...

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