Understanding the Artist’s Process with Steve Driscoll and Matt Bahen


Discover the inner workings of the Toronto art community on this behind-the-scenes tour of Steve Driscoll’s west-end studio.

In order to understand an artist and their work, it is important to understand their process. This can be anything from where they work, to how they work, to what inspires them. Every artist is different, and so their process will be unique to them. However, by taking the time to learn about an artist’s process, we can gain a greater understanding of their work and what it means to them.

An artist who works in a studio may have a very different process than an artist who works outdoors. An artist who works in a studio may spend more time planning and preparing their work before they start painting or sculpting, while an artist who works outdoors may be more spontaneous and responsive to their surroundings. Each approach has its own advantages and disadvantages, and each artist will find what works best for them.

Likewise, an artist’s creative process can vary greatly from one individual to the next. Some artists may start with a general idea of what they want to create, while others may let the work itself dictate the direction it takes. Some artists may work quickly and spontaneously, while others may take a more methodical and measured approach. There is no right or wrong way to create art, and each artist will develop their own unique creative process.

By understanding the artist’s process, we can gain a greater understanding of the art itself. We can see how the environment in which the artist works affects their work, and how their creative process shapes the final product. By taking the time to learn about an artist’s process, we can gain a deeper appreciation for their work.

Discussion Between Steve Driscoll and Matt Bahen

Join Steve Driscoll and local painter Matt Bahen in their working environment to learn more about their creative processes.

This discussion is part of the Know Your Options Series. This studio tour and discussion took place live at Steve Driscoll's Studio in Toronto.

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Matt Bahen

Matt Bahen’s work explores the delicate balance between forces of loss and renewal. Bahen takes inspiration from both his native landscape of rural Ontario as well as literature, particularly the writings of Cormac McCarthy. In all of Bahen’s paintings, there is an arresting tension created by the absence of human figures while still alluding to their presence. This void forms a...

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Steve Driscoll

I want to evoke that feeling of the wind blowing against you, of being excited, exalted in the presence of natural power.
Although the scene is imagined that resulting emotion of being confronted by a mounting storm, a change in light, something so much larger than oneself, that is something I am drawing from experience and am looking to recreate in this work.
Process in my work...

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