Art Lending: Unlocking the Equity in Fine Art Without Selling


Join Shelley Berube who provides an overview of art lending and how you can use your existing inventory to raise funds and unlock equity.

When considering art as an asset, it's clear that art has long been a source of aesthetic pleasure and key expression for owners. But Shelley Berube will explain that today's art collectors working in market-driven industries like hedge funds or private equity see it as an opportunity to make strategic moves with their money.

Can your collection be used as collateral?

Many collectors use fine art as an alternative asset class that often holds or appreciates in value. Art lending requests by collectors to invest in more art and other businesses has increased. This is an attractive option for investors as they can borrow against their valuable collections without having any risk associated with it.

Art lending has grown similarly to the art market.  Art loan requests from those who want to access cash or seek investment opportunities has risen year over year -- in addition to buying more art, this may be one way wealthy individuals release capital which could then be actively invested into various projects.

Can you take out loans against art?

Loans against artworks can be taken out for a number of reasons, but the biggest ones are: They don't want to sell - maybe it's something passed down from their family or part of an important collection. Also, time sensitive transactions happen all too often which means clients' loans can be granted quickly so deadlines aren't missed.

Shelley Berube Shares Her Expertise

There are many creative ways people have found to unlock capital from artwork while still having access to their works of art. Join Shelley Berube, previously EVP at Borro, as she addresses some common questions about art lending from art collectors.

Participants will learn:

  • How to use alternative assets such as art to raise liquidity
  • How traditional funding is different than collateral loans
  • What qualifies an asset for a collateral loan

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