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Unlocking the Equity in Fine Art Without Selling
Speaker(s): Shelley Berube

Unlocking the Equity in Fine Art Without Selling

Join Shelley Berube, EVP at Borro, who will explore how you can use your existing inventory to raise funds without having to liquidate your assets.

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She also addresses some common questions from art collectors.

Participants will learn:

  • How to use alternative assets such as art to raise liquidity
  • How traditional funding is different than collateral loans
  • What qualifies an asset for a collateral loan

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Speaker Details

Shelley Berube

As Executive Vice President at Borro, Shelley is responsible for leading all day-to-day operations at the New York City office including sales, building client relations, maximizing the company’s operating performance and helping to achieve the company’s financial goals.

Prior to Luxury Asset Capital, Shelley led the US sales team at Borro Private Finance where she was responsible for originating $200M of luxury asset loans. With her comprehensive background in the financial and lending industry, as well as sales, client services, and people operations, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the team.

Outside of the office, when she isn’t cheering her kids on at soccer and gymnastics, she enjoys exercising, hiking, reading and visiting local craft beer breweries.

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