The Art Advisory 101 Program consists of a series of informative and interactive online courses, which have been created to guide aspiring art advisors on how to navigate the art world, set up a successful art advisory business and follow best practice. The five pre-recorded modules, each 30-45 minutes in length, are available for participants to view below at their convenience. Live and interactive sessions will be offered on a selection of dates. The course will be capped off by a quiz, which, upon passing, will entitle the participant to a Certificate of Completion. The program is lead by Annelien Bruins, CEO of Tang Art Advisory.

Module 1

Art Market Fundamentals

The art market has seen many changes over the past 20 years, including a democratization of information through technology and the rise of art as an investment asset and financial tool. Collector tastes evolve continuously. As a budding art advisor, you want to make sure you know the ins and outs of the international art market. How do auction houses, art fairs, galleries and art collectors interact with each other? And what is the role of an art advisor in this fragmented global marketplace? In this module we will discuss art market fundamentals and what they mean for you and your business.

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Module 2

The Drivers of Value in Art

Every month you read about auction records in the papers. But how meaningful are those record prices? Do they say anything about the other sectors of the art market? In this module, we will discuss the tangible and intangible drivers of value in artworks in the primary and secondary markets: the importance of the artist, collector’s tastes, rarity, condition and more. We will take a look at appraisal concepts, such as fair market value, retail value and sales estimates and what they mean for your clients. Common risk factors that affect the value of an artwork will be examined, including forgeries and art theft.

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Module 3

Helping Your Clients Build a Meaningful Collection

In this module we will look at how you provide value to your clients. In order to be successful as an art advisor, you need to understand your clients’ tastes and budgets. We will show you the process for helping collectors create their dream art collection: from the first consultation with you to viewings, acquisition and eventually installation of the art in their home. We will then dive deeper into the different options available to buy artworks: at auction, at a gallery, an artist’s studio or at an art fair. In this module, you will learn how to provide the best possible buying experience to your clients.

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Module 4

Managing and Selling Art Collections

How do you educate your clients on the maintenance and protection of their art collection? In this module we will touch upon all the aspects of art collection care: from (preventive) conservation treatments to insurance, transport and collection management software. When your clients are ready to sell some or all of their art collection, you’ll need to recommend the best sales strategy, whether privately or at auction. We will show you how to assess sales opportunities, while taking into consideration the market for a particular work, the likelihood of a successful sale and, importantly, the costs associated with the sale.

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Module 5

How to Set Up Your Own Art Advisory Business

You know your stuff as an art advisor, but how do you translate this into a profitable business? As a small business owner, being a great art advisor is not enough. You need to be a marketing expert, sales person and chief operating officer simultaneously. In this module we will show you how to juggle these roles and how to make technology work for you. We will also teach you how to build a stellar reputation by following best practice and acquire a solid client base with proven marketing strategies. Lastly, successful management of client relationships will be examined.

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Module 6

Live and Interactive with Annelien Bruins

Optional 30-min Online Discussion
Join an online discussion between your colleagues and Tang Art Advisory CEO Annelien Bruins, in which you can share your experiences and ask questions in real time. Register for your preferred date, below. Please note that this module is not mandatory to earn your Certificate of Participation.

  • Friday, June 22 @ noon EST
  • Friday, Sept 28 @ noon EST




  • Join an online discussion between your colleagues and Tang Art Advisory CEO Annelien Bruins, in which you can share your experiences and ask questions in real time. Please note that this Module is not mandatory to earn your Certificate of Participation.

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