Eliminating Art World Borders Through Education and Technology

Jul 28, 2017

Leading online and experiential art network, One Art Nation, unites art collectors and experts around the world

The online art market is experiencing rapid growth like never before. Today, collectors can buy art from almost anywhere in the world without ever having to leave home. But purchasing is only one part of the puzzle. More than ever, online resources are helping eliminate barriers by providing invaluable knowledge and tools to collectors across the globe.

While the online art industry has helped connect more people to art, the market isn’t always straightforward – especially for new collectors. The art world is often perceived as exclusive and inaccessible to new buyers. It can be intimidating approaching the market whether you are looking to purchase your first piece or are building on your collection.

Thankfully, online arts education is set to play an increasingly important role in building confidence in the overall art market. In fact, the Art & Finance 2016 Report released by Deloitte & ArtTactic states that 78% of art professionals and collectors believe that online arts education has great potential and is essential to evolve the industry.

Since launching in 2013 at Art Miami, One Art Nation has become one of the world’s most influential sources of online art education for art collectors, enthusiasts and professionals.
After extensively examining the market and listening to the needs of the industry as a whole, it became clear to art entrepreneurs and One Art Nation co-founders Amanda Dunn and Julia Wehkamp that an accessible platform where people could access relevant arts education was missing as a resource. They created One Art Nation as an online and experiential art network with the goal of assisting in the development of emerging art markets - and a new generation of collectors - while stimulating important discourse in the established art world.

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