Interview: Effective Marketing Strategies for Art Advisors with Annelien Bruins

Aug 21, 2019

Annelien Bruins, independent Chief Marketing Officer, former CEO of Tang Art Advisory, course leader and instructor in our Art Advisory 201 Program, discusses the importance of a strong brand for an art advisory business.

What does marketing mean for art advisors?
Art advisors often operate as single-owner-businesses and therefore have limited resources available in terms of money and staff to assist with marketing. Therefore, it’s important to use marketing strategies that are appropriate for your company: a service business that is focused on an affluent, educated clientele. In Module 3 of this course I will discuss the two most effective marketing strategies for art advisors in more detail.

Why is the sales funnel so important in marketing?
The sales funnel is an important concept in marketing and for good reason. It explains how a customer (i.e., your potential client) makes the decision to engage you. Understanding this process means that you’ll be more effective in selling your services because you know what message to send out at what stage of the sales funnel.

The art market is based on personal relationships. What does that mean for marketing an art advisory business?
The art world is a small world based on personal relationships and as such, trust is an important factor. A collector is less likely to engage your services if they don’t trust you or know you, or if you haven’t been recommended to them by someone they trust. This means that your marketing has to focus on helping you establish that trust with potential clients and referral sources.

Why is it important to have a strong online presence?
The way in which we buy services and goods has changed tremendously in every industry. Even if you don’t get your clients through your online presence but rather through personal recommendations, prospective clients are likely to research your company online before they commit to engaging you and they’ll most likely also research the competition. Showcasing your expertise through thought leadership in your niche helps to nurture your personal brand which in turn will help you to establish trust with your clients and referral sources.

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Annelien Bruins

Annelien Bruins serves as an independent Chief Marketing Officer to companies in the art, luxury and wealth management industries. She is a board member of the Foundation of the American Institute of Conservation.

Prior to her current focus on marketing strategy, she founded and ran her own art advisory firm in London, founded Katapult Coaching for Artists, an online business that...

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