Interview: The Many Aspects of the Acquisition Process with Roxanne Cohen

Aug 21, 2019

Roxanne Cohen, Director of Art Advisory at Pall Mall Art Advisors and course instructor in our Art Advisory 201 Program offers advice on starting an advisory business and navigating art fairs with clients.

We love that you recommend that ‘art should not be made into a bad investment’. What does that mean for art advisors and their clients?
I refer mostly to the advisor doing their due diligence on the piece they are buying and also not always buying into the hype.

What is the one recommendation you would give to aspiring art advisors before they set up their business?
Learn every aspect of the art world from galleries, auction houses (big and small), institutions, museums, foundations, estates and online resources.

In your presentation you talk about the differences between buying at galleries and at auction houses. What is the main difference art advisors should be aware of, in your opinion?
Auction is more of an open market where there is a lot more competition.

Art fairs are here to stay. What is your advice for art advisors undertaking to go to the fairs with their clients?
Make sure you pre plan the route and know what most galleries are showing and wear comfy shoes.

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Roxanne Cohen

Born and raised in London, Roxanne comes from an art collecting family. After 30 years in the UK, she relocated to the US. With years of experience as an independent art consultant working with a select few private clients and institutions, she also worked at Christie’s Auction House for 5+ years within the Post-War and Contemporary department and the Client Advisory department where she...

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