Interview: The Sales Process in Detail with Jacqueline Towers-Perkins

Jan 3, 2020

Jacqueline Towers-Perkins, Senior Specialist, Head of Sale, Post-War & Contemporary Art at Bonhams and course instructor in our Art Advisory 201 Program, discusses the key points an advisor should consider when helping clients with sales and transactions.

What are the key points to consider for an art advisor’s clients before helping them to sell a work of art?
The following should definitely be considered:

  • Does your client have title to the work?
  • Do they have the right to sell it?
  • What are their expectations from the sale?
  • Do you have the expertise to sell this work?

What is the difference between international and regional auction houses, and how does this affect an art advisor’s advice?
The main differences between international and regional auction houses, are their client reach, costs and location. It is best to understand the market for the item you are selling to have the best idea of where to place it and to understand which business will best serve your client.

At the end of your presentation, you mention the importance of paperwork in art transactions. Could you expand on why that is important?
It is important to keep records of all transactions to maintain and uphold the agreement between you and your client and to ensure that they are receiving the services you obtained for them from either an auction house or gallery. This information may also be required for tax, resale or provenance purposes later on.

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