More Than Ever, Collectors and Experts are Connecting Online

Sep 8, 2016

Never before has the art world been more connected. Through increased access to online resources, collectors, galleries, artists, and professionals have the ability to buy, sell and learn about art from all across the globe.

This explosion of discovery is connecting collectors with artists as well as experts in the field. Traditionally this would have required scouring the art market, including countless art fairs and galleries across continents. Increasingly, many of these collectors are younger and tech-savvy, with a growing number coming from emerging markets.

But while the online art industry has helped connect more people to more art, the market isn’t always straightforward – especially for new collectors.

We know that when people are provided with the right tools, it’s easy to overcome these challenges. More than ever, online resources are helping eliminate barriers by providing invaluable knowledge to collectors. A prime example of this new approach is One Art Nation. They provide unbiased data and information from art experts and artists of all kinds. The beauty is in the network that they’ve cultivated. Key opinion leaders and industry experts are brought together to speak on topics that range from building and maintaining an art collection, to protecting your work. This is the type of content that matters to collectors both experienced and new.

As you can appreciate, the online art market is vast. Hiscox Online Art Trader Report 2016 puts the value at ($3.27 billion). It is a market that is global and growing. Through educational talks, artist showcases, and expert interviews, One Art Nation is demystifying the process of art buying from start to finish. Their success seems to come from a commitment to staying connected to the art world - both online and traditional. By hosting live symposia at Art Miami, Art Southampton, Art New York, and Art Silicon Valley, One Art Nation is keeping an ear to the ground while offering various perspectives and guidance for collectors. Resources like this help make the whole online art market seem less daunting.

Today collectors can buy art from almost anywhere on earth without ever having to leave home - it truly is an art world. But purchasing is only one part of the puzzle. Online resources are bridging this gap. They have the power to bring collectors and expert advice into one place. This goes a long way to making confident, educated decisions.

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